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News about Shakib’s slapping incident in Indian media

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Shakib Al Hasan’s landslide victory. The captain of the national cricket team won by a huge margin as the nominated candidate of Awami League from Magura-1 seat. Meanwhile, an embarrassing video was spread on social media yesterday.

Several media outlets in India have also reported on the video of Shakib slapping fans in the crowd.

Shakib, who stood for the first time in the parliamentary elections, did not have to face any competition yesterday. Shakib got 1 lakh 85 thousand 388 votes in the election. His nearest rival got 5973 votes.

Yesterday, social media was rather busy with other things. In a 16-second viral video, several youths can be seen following Shakib Al Hasan in the tangle. Shakib wears white Punjabi and black coat. At such a stage, Shakib got excited and slapped a person when someone grabbed his Punjabi.

Yesterday, Shakib went to vote in white Punjabi and black coat. So many people were saying that he did such things while visiting the center after voting. However, as it turned out, this was not the case yesterday. This is being said after something like this happened last January 3.

Meanwhile, Indian media Hindustan Times, NDTV and Inside Sports reported on the video that went viral yesterday recalling past incidents of Shakib Al Hasan losing his temper on the field. However, the reports said that it is not certain when the incident took place. Apart from this, another incident with Shakib’s supporters during the election campaign has also been reported.

In another viral video a few days ago, many fans came to a stage and took selfies with Shakib. Although he accepted the requests, the disinterest in Shakib’s face was clear. The Indian media also mentioned that video.


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