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Newly decorated Barisal, Sheikh Hasina is going today

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Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to Barisal today after five years. Barisal city was arranged in a new form around his visit.

Sheikh Hasina will attend a public meeting at Bangabandhu Udyan in Barisal city at 3 pm today. Highlighting the development of the government, he will ask for votes in a boat.

The people of Barisal have a lot of expectations around the Prime Minister’s visit. They will raise various demands including bringing Bhola gas to Barisal, construction of EPZ.

Meanwhile, in view of the Prime Minister’s arrival, Barisal’s roads, including Aligli, have been cleaned and renovated from the city’s entrance to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s possible path. Newly painted. Security has been enhanced. The work of decorating Bangabandhu Udyan has also been completed.

It is known that the prime minister and central leaders along with the candidate of Barisal boat symbol will sit on the first level in front of the stage. After that, the important leaders and guests of Barisal division and district will be on the second level. About 20,000 chairs have been placed on the third level divided into two sections for men and women.

Barisal District Awami League President Abul Hasanat Abdullah said that all preparations have been completed by Awami League for the Prime Minister’s visit. It is expected that 1 million people will gather in the public meeting.

Barisal-5 Awami League candidate Zahid Farooq expects that many ordinary people will also be present in Friday’s public meeting, including the boat candidate.

Finally, on February 8, 2018, Sheikh Hasina addressed a public meeting at Bangabandhu Udyan. Later, the Prime Minister’s visit to Barisal was scheduled for March this year, but it was later postponed.


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