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Newey and Alonso… finally together?

Newey and Alonso… finally together?

UA long story of unfulfilled love could finally crystallize in Formula 1, that of the greatest genius in single-seater design of the last 30 years, Adrian Newey, together with one of the great geniuses of this sport, Fenando Alonso.

They have admired each other for eonssports have thrown their hats in the ring and now they could be closer than ever right when the careers of both write their penultimate chapters: Lawrence Stroll would have made a multimillion-dollar offer to the brilliant British engineeror to go to work for the British Aston Martin team at its British headquarters in Silverstone.

According to ‘motorsport’, They both had dinner during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prixin the midst of Red Bull’s internal lack of control due to the ‘affair’ between Christian Horner and his employee that remains half-resolved, which has two opposing sides and which has been left in the air the freedom that Newey has to leave the team whenever he wants if Horner does not continue either.

And in the heat of these revelations, Stroll, who already signed his number 2, Dan Fallows, a couple of seasons ago, would have shot him. Which is not easy because he earns a lot (there is talk of 15 million euros), works when he wants and travels where he pleases. And well earned it is clear, seeing the RB19, the most dominant in history, or this year’s RB20, or Vettel’s four between 2010 and 2014, or before Hakkinen’s McLaren, the Williams of the 90s… .

Newey, 65, seems less firm in his desire to continue than other times, given the ‘likes’ What his wife makes to some suggestion from his fans such as going to Ferrari…. For Aston Martin it would be the key to a project with a new headquarters, a new tunnel, talent signings in several teams, a Honda engine from 2026, a superb pilot (Newey’s presence would be key in Fernando continuing sine die) and now the best designer to truly stand up to the three giants: Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari. And ambition is difficult to beat Stroll.

Mutual admiration

Last December, Newey assured that one of his regrets is not having been able to work with Fernando. “Alonso is someone I have always wanted to work with. I regret that that never happened because I have tremendous respect for Fernando. In 2013, there was a brief conversation between the two during the Spa GP, but unfortunately, a collaboration never happened,” he admitted. “He is one of the drivers who always gives more from the car they have.”

In fact Fernando wrote the prologue to his fantastic book“How to make an F1 car”, autobiographical and in which the Spaniard wrote that “the number of times I heard in a meeting that they had already understood how and why Adrian had done this or that, and the number of times when trying to replicate it, the result was, unfortunately, different from what was expected…”, continues Fernando, who recently left another pearl: “Newey is responsible for the fact that 19 drivers in two decades have not won World Championships, “It is a privilege to have met him at this stage.”