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New year has to start with a curse: Faruqi

by Afonso
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Today is the first day of the year. Producer Mustafa Saryar Faruqi’s mind is still depressed. A Facebook status given by him in the middle of the night gave such a glimpse.

On Monday (January 1) in the early hours, Farooqui wrote, ‘The new year has to start with a curse. When the sleeping child shudders, the father can only curse. I never want to ruin anyone’s happiness. But today I am forced to say — the end of your barbarism, the end, the end! Attachment: It is two o’clock in the morning.’

Although the reason for this status is not mentioned, it can be seen that the popular producer is annoyed by the sound of crackers and fireworks. He has recently depicted this in his film ‘Something Like an Autobiography’. Where it has been observed that some people do not listen to him but get angry and create trouble when he goes to a closed house thinking of his pregnant wife who is frightened by the sound of crackers bursting in the middle of the night. The man who came out with anxiety was trapped.

Bengalis are a festive nation. Farooqui is not against this festival. So he gave a solution. He said, ‘Since there will be a festival, there will also be small children-old people-patients-animals-birds in this city, so can we find a way? Without making the whole city a war zone, three areas of the city can be specified? Where people will gather to celebrate. We don’t have a place like the Sydney Harbor Bridge. All our places are residential. For that, as well as the place, the time needs to be fixed! Doing anything that is loud must be done within this time limit. By doing so, the people of the buildings around the specified places will know at what time such noise can occur and can make a preparation accordingly.

Mustafa Sarayer Faruqi.  Photo: Taken from Facebook

He also said, ‘When we stand on a roof, we don’t take a whole brick from there and throw it outside! Because we think it might fall on someone walking by, there might be an accident. This, we think, should be the characteristic of man. It should be a basic human thing to think whether my actions can harm others or not. Happy New Year to everyone, even those who were keeping my daughter in awe yesterday!’

Incidentally, despite the ban on the thirty-first night to celebrate the English New Year, fireworks-lanterns and bursting crackers flew ‘like rain’ in the capital Dhaka. But this joy can turn to sorrow at any time. There is a risk of major accidents. So many stars had already discouraged fireworks.


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