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New iPhone update to protect against theft

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Recently, Apple has opened the new software update iOS 17 for iPhone to everyone. Several new security features are emphasized in this update. In order to keep user information safe, the new version of the operating system has brought a special update called ‘Stolen Device Protection’.

With the ‘Stolen Device Protection’ facility, even if the user’s iPhone is stolen, no one else will be able to access the important information, bank or email ID on the phone or iCloud. As a result, even if thieves know the passcode, they will not be able to access the iPhone user’s ID without Face ID and fingerprints.

Apart from this ‘Stolen Device Protection’ feature, another new feature has been added in iPhone operating system version 17.3. And this is the opportunity to turn off the facility of changing the passcode of the stolen iPhone. This will give users enough time to locate the stolen phone while protecting their data. In addition, they can temporarily close various accounts on their iPhone.

In the announcement of the opening of the operating system iOS 17.3, Apple said that in order to facilitate the security of the user in the updated version, they must provide Face ID or Touch ID. For this a biometric verification process has to be completed within one hour. This process of proof is only required when the true owner of the iPhone is away from a known place like home or work.

To turn on the ‘Stolen Device Protection’ feature, the user first needs to access the Settings app on their iPhone. After selecting Face ID and Passcode, the feature will be activated.

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