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New guest in star family

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Sumaiya Shimu
Actress Sumaiya Shimour was once a powerhouse on the small screen. However, after marriage, he gradually withdrew himself. He has not been seen acting for a long time. But this year he gave good news to the fans. No, not a new play or movie! This actress became a mother on November 8. Twin sons are born. The actress herself informed about this on social media. It should be noted that Sumaiya Shimu got married on August 29, 2015. Swami Nazrul Islam is working as the Country Director of Relief International, an international non-governmental organization.

Mahiya Mahi
Actress Mahia Mahi got the taste of motherhood for the first time. On March 29 of this year, a son was born in his arms. Mahi named his son Md. Mosaib Arash Samsuddin Farish Govt. Incidentally, on September 13, 2021, this actress married businessman and politician Rakib Sarkar of Gazipur.

Ziaul Roshan
Actor Ziaul Roshan has given two news about marriage and fatherhood of daughter. However, they got married secretly on June 11, 2020. It came out this year. After a few days, it is known that he is going to be a father. Pregnant wife Tahsina Esha. Finally the good time came. Esha gave birth to a baby girl on May 25. The next day, Roshan himself shared the good news with his fans on social media.

Sinthi Saha
As if the musician Sinthi Saha got a new life. Because he has been fighting with breast cancer for a long time. In the meantime, he brought new life to the world. On September 19, the mother of a daughter became a singer. Named the girl – Samara Joye. The newborn was born in a hospital in New Zealand. Sinthi herself shared the happy moment on social media.

Milan Bhattacharya
Actor and producer Milan Bhattacharya became a father for the second time this year. On October 7, his wife gave birth to a son in a private hospital in the capital. Tarim Mahmud. They named their son Adiyan.

Ziaul Haque Palash
A new guest has arrived in the house of actor Ziaul Haque Palash. He became the father of a son on July 30. The name of the actor’s wife is Nafisa Rumman Mehnaz.

Azmi Alvi
Lux star and actress Samroz Azmi Alvi also gave good news this year. She gave birth to a baby girl in a US hospital on November 23. This popular actress became a mother for the second time. Alvi himself shared the good news on social media. He informed that the daughter has been named Azmira Hasin Nahli. Incidentally, in 2012, Alvi married Amir Hasan, a resident of the United States. After six years of marriage, i.e. in 2018, she became the mother of her first daughter. Her name is Aheli. After five years, they became the parents of a second daughter.

Subhasree was supposed to act in director Srijith’s ’10th Avatar’. The preparation was final, but suddenly it became known that the actress was dropped! The movie was not made because of childbearing. Since then, Subhashri-devotees are waiting, when will the moment of Mahendrakshan come. Finally that day came this year. Subhasree got the taste of motherhood on November 30. She became a mother for the second time. This news of Anand was shared on social media by her husband Raj Chakraborty. Incidentally, earlier in 2020, this star couple’s house was lit up with the arrival of their first child, Yuvan.


Swara Bhaskar
Married in February, Mother in September. Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar gave two good news this year. On September 23, a baby girl came to her lap. The daughter has been named Rabia. Incidentally, Swara is on the verge of marriage at the beginning of this year. Swami Samajwadi Party youth leader Fahad Ahmed. They are married according to the special marriage law.

Ileana D’Cruz
Last April, the actress announced that she might be pregnant. But when did he get married, who is the father of the child, there was still no doubt about it. Even though Ileana shares her boyfriend’s blurry pictures, the identity of Ileana’s boyfriend or husband has not been revealed. Even still so. Anyway, care a little! The ‘Barfi’ actress gave birth to a son on August 1. Ileana herself shared the happy moment on social media. The post was flooded with well wishes from fans.

The shape is stiff
After almost 8 years of marriage, the mother is popular musician Akriti Kakkar. His long wait ended on November 1. On this day, their first child came into the arms of Akrit-Chirag Arora. The son’s mother is a singer. Akari herself shared the happy news on social media.

Ishita Dutta
‘Drishyam’ actress Ishita Dutta is going to be a mother. She broke the news herself last March after posting a pregnancy photo. Then she was sharing various pregnancy updates at different times. Finally, that happy moment came, on July 19, Ishita-Vatsal couple’s first child was born. The actress gave birth to a son.


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