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New feature in WhatsApp, voice can be sent as desired

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Social media WhatsApp is often adding new features. Now the company has added new facilities in sending voice. This feature is called ‘View Once’. Through this the voice can be sent in such a way that once it is heard it will not be there anymore. It can be named ‘Listen Once’.

According to the Indian media Times of India, WhatsApp was the first to add such a feature in 2021. At that time, after sending photos and videos, they could not be seen again after viewing them once. This time it has been announced to add this feature in sending voice.

WhatsApp prioritizes privacy when it comes to messaging. This privacy is supposed to increase through these features. After sending a video, many people want it to be gone, but they also don’t want to delete it. Adding this feature for this.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta integrated two popular platforms, WhatsApp and Instagram. Thanks to this, users can share their WhatsApp status directly on Instagram stories.

As reported by WA Bitinfo, the feature is still in the works. The feature was first noticed in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. Users can decide whether to share their WhatsApp status updates on Instagram. Besides, the user can also control the status update after sharing it on Instagram Stories. That is, the privacy of who to show, who not to show can be fixed.

WhatsApp Beta version for Android update is awesome according to WA Betainfo. It is now on the Google Play Store. From there it is known that an additional option is being added to share WhatsApp status updates on Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram have been sharing stories together for a long time. After that, status sharing facility from WhatsApp to Facebook was added. Recently it became known about the feature of sharing from WhatsApp to Instagram. This feature will be rolled out in the future. As a result, users can control who they want to show their WhatsApp status on Instagram.

This feature of sharing WhatsApp status on Instagram will not only save users time. It will also improve the reliability and consistency of content sharing between the two platforms. But the feature is optional. Users can enable or disable this feature as per their preference.


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