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New 8 police stations are being added to Chittagong metropolis

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8 more police stations are going to be added to Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP). It is proposed to have 4 police stations in Chittagong city and 4 police stations in suburbs. A positive response has been received from the police headquarters.

Discussions on the establishment of a new police station in Chittagong city have been going on for a long time to speed up the eradication of crime. Recently, CMP sent a proposal to add 8 new police stations to 16 police stations.

Among the proposed police stations, one at the Anwara end of the Bangabandhu Tunnel and one at the Patenga end of the Bangabandhu Tunnel in the Port Division of CMP. CMP will be Mohra police station in the northern section and Kattoli police station in the western section. Besides, considering the importance of the area, 4 more new police stations will come under the CMP at Chittagong University, Madunaghat in Hathazari, Faujdarhat in Sitakunda and Colorpole in Karnaphuli police station.

CMP Commissioner Krishna Pad Roy said, ‘In view of development and population growth, we have proposed to break up 16 police stations of Chittagong Metropolitan and connect four new police stations. Four more outlying areas have been brought under the CMP because the strength of the Metropolitan Police is greater than that of the District Police.’

This top official of CMP says that the people of the area near the city were being deprived of police services due to the distance from the district police station. To ensure their safety, initiatives have been taken to bring four new police stations from the district under the CMP.

Krishna Pad Roy said, ‘All these areas are densely populated, there are universities, there are many industries. The demands of the police for law and order are often difficult to meet with the district police. We have proposed to link with CMP. I hope, when we get its approval, our crime management will become easier.’

After the establishment of four new police stations in the metropolitan area in 2012, the activities of the CMP have been divided into a total of 16 police stations.


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