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Netflix actor injured in Gaza frontline battle

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Idan Amedi, the famous actor of “Fauda” series, was seriously injured in Gaza during the Israel-Hamas war. The actor took part in an operation against the Hamas group on Monday (January 8).

Amedi was seriously injured during the exchange of fire between the two sides during the operation. He is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital in Gaza.

This star has gained a lot of popularity by acting in Netflix’s ‘Faoda’ series. On October 7, Netanyahu’s government appealed to the country’s youth to join the army during the campaign against Hamas. Idan joined the army by responding to that call.

Apart from being an actor, this star is also known as a singer. ‘Faoda’ was released on Netflix in 2015. From the very beginning, this series has caught the attention of the serial lovers of the world.


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