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Netanyahu’s popularity collapse

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s popularity plummeted after the Hamas attack last October. According to a recent poll by the Israel Democratic Institute, only 15 percent of Israelis want to see Netanyahu as prime minister after the war. According to a report by the British news agency Reuters, Benny Gantz, one of the rival politicians, is ahead of Netanyahu in terms of popularity.

On October 7, the Palestinian independence armed group Hamas launched a surprise rocket attack on Israel. 1 thousand 200 Israelis and citizens of other countries were killed. In addition, 242 people were taken hostage by Hamas. 129 of whom are still awaiting release.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been criticized in his home country for prioritizing the attack and ground operation in Gaza over the release of hostages. There have also been massive protests across Israel against his government.

A recent survey by the Israeli Democratic Institute (IDI), an Israeli think tank, showed that Netanyahu’s popularity in Israel has decreased since the attack by Hamas.

Fifteen percent of participants in the poll, conducted from December 25 to 28, said they would like to see Netanyahu as prime minister even after the war with Hamas ends.

According to 23 percent of participants, Benny Gantz is the most suitable politician for the post of Prime Minister of Israel. They want to see him as the prime minister after the war. And 30 percent of Israelis did not want to comment on this.

But 56 percent of Israelis supported the policy of completely destroying Hamas and conducting a sustained military operation in Gaza to rescue hostages still held by the group, despite declining popularity. And 28 percent of Israelis favored peaceful dialogue and a ceasefire with Hamas to rescue the hostages.

Israel has been continuously attacking Gaza for almost three months since October 7. More than 22,000 Palestinians have been killed so far in this barbaric attack. More than 56 thousand were injured.


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