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Nephew killed to frame opponent, 6 arrested along with UP Chairman

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A youth named Shah Kamal alias Kadi (35) was killed by throat slit in Sherpur’s Nalitabari. It has been alleged that the former chairman of Yogania Union, Habibur Rahman Habi, came out of jail and killed his brother-in-law to frame his opponent. It was his plan that Shah Kamal was killed last Thursday night. Police have arrested six people including the chairman, his son, wife, brother and two nephews in connection with the murder.

Nalitabari Circle Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Didarul Islam confirmed this information to reporters on Saturday evening.

According to the police, in 2018, Shah Kamal, the nephew of former UP chairman Habibur Rahman, took 11 kata of land from Fazal Mia of Vaitkamari village of the upazila for 70 thousand taka. Later in 2019, Fazal Mia’s family quarreled with Habibur. On April 25, 2019, Habibur was accused of killing Fazal’s son Idris Ali. In this incident, a murder case was filed against Habibur, his wife, children, nephew and others. Recently, Habibur came out on bail in this case. And Fazal did not explain that land to Shah Kamal because of this incident. He did not even give him 70 thousand rupees. With this, Habibur and his associates started a struggle to get back the land taken by Shah Kamal. Then they started applying pressure for compromise. As they did not agree, they planned to kill the brother-in-law Shah Kamal Kadu to trap the opponent.

Shah Kamal Kadu, a day laborer, was living with his in-laws in the nearby Garakura area. Last Thursday (January 25) night, Shah Kamal Kadu was called by his uncle Habibur’s chairman at his house asking him to lend money. Later, according to the plan of Habibur, his wife Jharna and Habibur’s brother Harez, Habibur’s son Shanto and his two nephews Mastu and Rahul took Shah Kamal home that night and confirmed his death with a knife. After that, they filled the body in a sack and dumped it on the bank of the nearby Lilukhal.

Meanwhile, Shah Kamal’s wife Shefali Begum (32) did not find any trace of her neighbors and relatives as her husband did not return home late at night. Locals found the dead body on the banks of Lilukhal in Vaitkamari around 10 am on Friday. After receiving the information, the police recovered the body of Shah Kamal from the spot. Reported the condition of the body and sent it to Sherpur Sadar Hospital morgue for autopsy.

Shah Kamal’s mother Achiran Begum filed a murder case at Nalitabari police station that night. The police conducted a raid at night and arrested six people including the deceased’s uncle.

The accused are the deceased’s uncle Habibur Rahman Habi (55), his wife Amela Khatun Jharna (45), their son Sarwar Jahan Shanto (26), Habibur’s two nephews Mustafa (30) and Rahul Mia (22) and his brother Harez Ali (50). ).

Talking to the locals, it is known that before 2018, a clay worker named Amir Ali of neighboring Kandapara was murdered. Hobby chairman survived due to a compromise settlement in this incident. After that, Khorshed, the brother of Jamshed member, was killed by the chairman and his men for dominating the area. A few days later, Julhas, the brother of Hobby Chairman, was killed by Jamshed member’s people.

Local Mokhlesh said, ‘This hobby chairman has committed four murders so far. No one can say anything because of his fear. His son is a big terrorist. He also built his own army. We want the hanging of the chairman and his people.

Abdul Latif, chairman of Yogania Union of Nalitabari, said, ‘We want everyone involved in this heinous incident to be punished. So that no one innocent is victimized. Besides, we want hanging of all the culprits including Hobi Chairman. Peace will not return to the area if they are not punished. We want peace in the locality. The government should give maximum punishment to these murderers

Osman Ali, the brother of the victim, said, “I want those who killed my brother to be hanged and punished.”

Assistant Superintendent of Police of Nalitabari Circle Didarul Islam said, ‘According to the confession of the accused, the knife used in the murder, blood-stained wolf, hand gloves and a pair of blood-stained shoes were recovered. In the afternoon, six people including Habibur, his wife and son were sent to the court and the three accused confessed to the murder and gave a statement. Later, all the six accused were sent to jail by the court.


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