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Neither coexistence nor harmony, referendum

Neither coexistence nor harmony, referendum

The voracity of the independence supporters has been a constant in these years of democratic history. Its relationship with state governments has been based on taking advantage of biased parliamentary arithmetic to enrich its privileges. And they have continued like this whenever the central power has allowed it, which has been the guideline. With Pedro S├ínchez, however, the level of submission has reached unimaginable levels, paradoxically also, in the worst years of separatism with an accelerated fall in popular support as a result of the discredit of the nomenclature and the decline of the Principality. The deception of Spain stealing from us, of the cruelty of the state, of anthropological victimhood, worked until the masquerade fell apart. Moncloa has been in charge of resurrecting a dying man with a sale that has turned the setback of the general elections into a new mandate. Sedition, pardons, embezzlement, debt forgiveness, millionaire investments, amnesty… have changed the face of defeat after the coup against the constitutional order into a victory against legality.

Furthermore, Sánchez has endorsed the mendacious story of the process to make official that there was repression against crimes that were not crimes, that the democracy that behaved like a dictatorship persecuted political dissidents in the exercise of legitimate rights, that those who violated the laws were the judges, prosecutors and state security forces and that those convicted were the victims of a colossal injustice to stop the majority desires of the Catalan people. The president has sealed with his stamp of political and legal authority this monumental fraud, this manifest disloyalty. And he has done it after promising the Spanish just the opposite, that there was rebellion and corruption, that he would put Puigdemont on the bench, that 155 was adjusted and legitimate and that neither grace nor forgiveness.

The ambition and desire for power of the tenant of La Moncloa have pushed the country and its people to lack protection against the independentists, who will do it again. He has gutted the Penal Code to undermine the defenses of the rule of law. The present and the future is in the hands of the enemies of constitutional Spain associated with Sanchismo. There will be no concord or coexistence or dialogue, nor a new stage for Catalonia, but rather a return to the darkest.

That the common good has been sacrificed for seven seats in the worst act of corruption in democracy makes one believe that, in effect, the self-determination referendum is on the table, as announced by ERC and Junts, as is the fiscal independence that the inspectors of the Treasury denounce it as “unconstitutional.” The PSOE’s denial reminds us of what it did with the pardons and amnesty… Junqueras is already talking about consultation and going back to jail if necessary. He is playing with fire with the arsonists in power.