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Nayakraj was carrying a letter

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Nayakraj Razzak was born on 23 January 1942. He was born in Naktala, Kaliganj, Calcutta, undivided India.

Razzak moved to Bombay at a young age. He was there for two months. Couldn’t fulfill the dream he went with. He returned to Calcutta and spent his days in turmoil. But could not forget acting. Keep going after the directors. The opportunity does not come.

He also worked in Kolkata for some time. He got married at the age of nineteen. The days are spent with his wife Lakshmi, but the addiction to acting does not stop.

He left Calcutta with his son Bapparaj and wife Lakshmi and moved to Dhaka city. He had no one in Dhaka at that time. The contents were a letter. The letter was written by Piyush Bose, the theater director, from Kolkata to Dhaka film director Abdul Jabbar Khan. The subject of the letter was that Razzak could act.

The letter was Razzak’s possession at that time. And there was a dream in the eyes. There was also disappointment. There was also instability. Still, Razzaq did not back down.

For the first time, Razzaq left the familiar city of Kolkata and came to the unfamiliar city of Dhaka. After meeting with the letter, director Abdul Jabbar Khan sent Razzaq to some famous directors of that time. But nothing worked.

Then Abdul Jabbar Khan sent Razzak to Iqbal Films. From there ‘Ujala’ was built. Razzak started a new life in Dhaka as an assistant director in ‘Ujala’ directed by Kamal Ahmed.

Meanwhile, Razzak rented a house in Kamalapur along with his wife and son Bapparaj at a monthly rent of thirty taka in Dhaka at that time. Dhaka is where Razzak’s hard struggle to become a hero in cinema basically began.

Even though he worked for a living as an assistant director, Razzak’s heart fell on acting. Then Razzak started his career in this country’s cinema by acting in small roles. Those movies are – ‘Dak Babu’, ‘Kar Bou’, ’13 No. Pheku Ostagar Lane’.

Razzaq's first heroine was Suchanda.  Photo: Collected

At one point the opportunity came to him. He made his debut as a hero in the movie ‘Behula’ directed by famous director Zaheer Raihan. Razzak got Suchanda as the heroine.

‘Behula’ was well received by the audience. Razzaq’s name spread far and wide as a hero. Then Zaheer Raihan produced ‘Anoara’ by pairing Razzaq and Suchanda. The audience got a new Razzak after playing the role of Anwara’s husband in the movie based on the novel ‘Anwara’ written by the famous writer Mohammad Najibur Rahman Sahityaratna.

Razzak-Suchanda, Razzak-Kabri and Razzak-Babita and Razzak-Shabana’s many films as heroes created a stir in the hearts of the audience, which earned Razzak the title of Nayakraj of Dhaliwood. Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury, editor of Bengali film magazine ‘Chitrali’ gave him this title.

Popular pair Razzak-Kabri.  Photo: Collected


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