Home News Narendra Modi inaugurated metro rail under Ganga

Narendra Modi inaugurated metro rail under Ganga

Narendra Modi inaugurated metro rail under Ganga

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the metro rail running under the water of Ganga river. After inaugurating the train built on the Ganga river tunnel in West Bengal’s capital Kolkata on Wednesday, he traveled by metro train along with school students.

Indian media Hindustan Times reported that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was also invited to the opening ceremony today. But he was not present. Apart from the Ganga Metrorail, Narendra Modi inaugurated the metro project of two more routes in Kolkata today.

Hindustan Times also reported that even if the metro rail service is inaugurated today, it will take a few more days to be fully operational. Then within 10 to 12 minutes one can reach Howrah Maidan from East-West Corridor.

Meanwhile, according to NDTV report, the twin tunnels of East-West Metro have been built 33 meters below the water of Ganga river. The East-West Metrorail will run through the belly of that pair of tunnels.

The first metro rail in India was launched in Kolkata on 24 October 1984. A new feather was added to the crown of that metropolis after forty years. It has four stations—Howrah Maidan, Howrah Station, Mahakaran and Esplanade Station. In all, this route is 4.8 kilometers long. It takes only 46 seconds to cross the 520 meter tunnel under the Ganga.

In the middle of last year, a successful exercise was carried out on this metro line. It was also supposed to be officially inaugurated at the end of last year but it did not happen.

Metro authorities said that two metro tunnels have passed through the alluvium at a depth of 13 meters in the river Ganges. It also has the technology of having a network in the phone. High power optical fiber is being laid 35 meters below the water level. It will provide the opportunity to use 5G speed internet.