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Nadbi’s gold has increased by 80 bhari in five years, and there is a debt of 46 lakhs

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Abu Reza Nadvi, a candidate for Chittagong-15, has taken a loan of Tk 46 lakh from the International Islamic University Fund. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of this university. Despite taking loans, his and his wife’s gold holdings have increased by around 80 bhari in the last 5 years. Nadvi, a candidate for boat in the upcoming parliamentary elections, has given this information in his affidavit.

Although once associated with Jamaat-e-Islami politics, Abu Reza Nadvi won as the first boat candidate in the tenth parliamentary election. He became a Member of Parliament in the same seat the next time.

According to the 2018 election affidavit, Nadbi’s income from this sector was Tk 25 lakh. This time he has taken a loan of more than 46 lakh rupees from this university.

Not only him, his wife Rezia Nadvi’s income from this private university is 44 lakh 22 thousand 446 taka per year. In the 2014 affidavit, 50 bhors of gold were given in his name as a wedding gift. Although that amount did not increase in the 2018 affidavit, this time it has increased to 90. On the other hand, there are 50 gold ornaments in the name of the wife.

But there is nothing illegal in it, claims Nadvir. Nadvi said, ‘A person can take honors from multiple sources. There is no problem with that. This honor is in line with my income tax.’

According to the affidavit, against the fixed deposit of 14 lakhs in 2018, Nadveer’s income stood at 2 crore 28 lakhs. There are 3 cars worth Tk 1 crore 88 lakh. Civil society representatives say that gaining such wealth by entering the circle of political power is questionable.

Akhtar Kabir, District Coordinator of Citizens for Good Governance, said that this is a clear indication of looting of national resources. Somewhere the asset details have to be shown. Again, the wealth that could not be hidden is shown.’

However, there is no information about any case against this member of parliament in the police records.


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