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Mysterious ring in space, 15 times the size of the moon

by Afonso
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Now a group of astronomers from the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom have seen a strange and mysterious ring in space. The British media BBC says that the diameter of this ring-like structure is 1,300 light years. It is 15 times the moon. However, this ring is not visible to the naked eye.

Astronomers have yet to know the details of this ring called the Big Ring.

The ring was first detected with a telescope by University of Central Lancashire PhD student Alexey Lopez. He had previously identified another formation called the Giant Arc. That box line spans 3,300 billion light years.

It is initially thought that the Big Ring consists of galaxies and related cosmic objects. This ring has created a new challenge in the study of space travel. Astronomers still have no idea about how much energy is being emitted from this ring.

In the guidelines for space exploration, no such ring should exist. This was the first time that the direction of astronomy was broken.


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