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Mysterious Egg Deep in the Pacific Ocean

by Afonso
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Mysterious black egg found in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Scientists were surprised to see this. This has been reported in the report of the British media Indy100.

It is said that University of Tokyo scientists. Yasunori Kano spotted the black eggs in the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench while driving a remote-controlled vehicle under the sea. Despite the darkness, Kano rescued the eggs that were 6,200 meters deep in the ocean.

Later, he said these eggs to Dr. Hokkaido University. Keiichi handed over to Kakui. A study on this has been published in a journal called Biology Letters.

“When I first saw the eggs, I thought they might be a fungus,” says Kakui. But after cutting them white liquid comes out.’

DNA analysis suggests that these are the deepest living free-living flatworms on Earth. At the Hokkaido University Museum, Kakui and his team excavated four intact eggshells, which contained the remains of flatworms.


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