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Myanmar’s Shan State is back in control, the junta is plotting riots

by Afonso
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Junta forces are plotting to retake control of the volatile Shan State of Myanmar and start a communal riot in a town there. Locals who fled the city complained that the junta forces are forcing Muslims to set fire to the houses there.

Myanmar has been hot for quite some time. The fighting between the ruling military forces and the rebels has spread across the country. In between, the rebel forces are taking control of the area after defeating the junta forces. The junta forces have become desperate to prevent this.

Meanwhile, junta forces recaptured the town of Momeik in Shan State last week after the rebel group Kachin Independence Army-KIA and its allied resistance forces retreated. After that, they set fire to the house. Killed eight civilians.

Locals allege that junta forces are plotting communal riots in Momeik town. The junta forces are forcing the Muslims to set fire to the houses there. And they are recording pictures and videos of setting fire to houses. Also, the soldiers are burning houses. Residents are being arrested. Hundreds of people are fleeing their homes in fear of their lives.

Meanwhile, at least 12 Rohingya have been killed in clashes between the military and the rebel Arakan Army in Rakhine state, OHCHR said.

On the other hand, analysis of satellite images shows that the junta government has built secret prisons and labor camps across large areas. As a result, there are fears of widespread arrests and raids against the pro-democracy movement in the country.

Meanwhile, in the 3 years of the junta regime, the human rights situation has become much worse, according to Volker Turk, the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations.


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