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Myanmar’s junta government is also losing foreign support this time

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Myanmar’s junta government, battered by fierce attacks by armed rebels, is also losing foreign support. International news magazine The Diplomat says that despite Russia’s support, the military’s bitterness with China has increased. The Diplomat has even claimed that Beijing is supplying weapons to Myanmar’s rebels.

Three years ago, several countries, including Russia, China, supported the junta government after overthrowing the democratic government and seizing power in Myanmar. However, since last October, the Three Brotherhood Alliance has put up strong resistance in the northeast. In the meantime, the Junta forces have lost control of more than four hundred army bases and 12 cities on the borders of China, India and Thailand.

International news magazine The Diplomat says that the Myanmar army is losing foreign support due to the strong position of the rebels on the battlefield and the uncertain situation.

China’s border with Myanmar is 2,129 kilometers long. Analysts say China is frustrated with the junta government that is unable to control the border. Beijing has close ties with rebel groups and supplies weapons.

Analysts say that Russia has failed to resolve the Beijing-Naypyidaw tension. Russian investment in Myanmar will be at risk due to China’s discomfort. However, analysts believe that Russia will support the junta forces to increase regional influence.

The junta government has already lost international support over the Rohingya genocide issue. In addition, the United States and the European Union are putting them in trouble with several rounds of sanctions after the coup.

Although there is no evidence that India and Thailand are supporting the insurgents, the two countries are seen by the Myanmar military as a haven for the insurgents.


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