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Myanmar troops are entering India

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Myanmar troops are fleeing to India after being defeated by the rebels. Mizoram State has warned the Center about such a situation. The state has also requested the Modi administration to ensure speedy repatriation of troops from neighboring countries.

Quoting government sources, Indian media NDTV reported that about 600 Myanmar troops have entered India. After being defeated by the insurgent group Arakan Army (AA) in Rakhine, western Myanmar, they took refuge in Longtlai district of Mizoram. All those soldiers are kept in Assam Rifle Camp.

Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Duhoma and India’s Union Home Minister Amit Shah held an emergency meeting in Shillong regarding this. In the meeting, the Mizoram government emphasized the need for speedy repatriation of Myanmar army personnel.

Later, Mizoram Chief Minister told reporters that people are fleeing from Myanmar to our country for shelter. We are helping them for humanitarian reasons. Myanmar soldiers are coming to India. Earlier we used to send them back by air. About 450 army personnel have been sent back.

Myanmar’s various rebel groups have stepped up attacks against the military since late last year. They have already defeated the army and captured several army towns. In 2021, there was a military coup in Myanmar. Since then, the country has been ruled by the military.


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