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Mustard farmers of Jamalpur are in trouble due to adverse weather conditions

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Mustard fields in the extensive pastures of Jamalpur have been damaged due to the adverse weather conditions of the past few days. Marginal farmers fear that the yield will be reduced by half as most of the trees in the fields are down. Common farmers have said that they have been greatly affected. However, even if there is no risk of crop failure, the agriculture department is advising the use of fungicides in the field.

Marginal farmers grow mustard every year in the vast grasslands of Jamalpur. Due to its good yield, Bari-14 variety of mustard is cultivated more in this region. However, the mustard field has been damaged due to the adverse weather conditions of the last few days.

Farmers say that most of the mustard plants in the field have fallen due to continuous rains in the last few days. They were expecting a good yield in the beginning of this season, but now they fear that the yield will drop to half. As a result, ordinary farmers said that they have suffered a lot.

Aminul Islam, a farmer of Pathanpara village of Ghosherpara union of Melandah upazila of the district, said, ‘Mustard has suffered a lot due to two days of storm and rain. Where the yield is 6 maunds, the yield will not be even 3 maunds. A maximum yield of two to two and a half maunds may come. It’s completely gone.’

Mustard farmer Ismail Hossain of Jhaogra Union said, ‘I have planted mustard like 6 and a half birds. I have suffered a lot in this rain. Where there is 6 maunds of mustard in the bird. There will go below 3 points. I also spent a lot of money. Bird cost you 2500-3000. In all I have spent 13-14 thousand rupees. If this harvest came to me. Then I would have got more than lakhs of rupees. But now I will come to Naim for less than half a million rupees.’

Abdur Rahim of Kapashhatiya village said, ‘Mustard season is completely ruined. It was very good at first. Then due to the rain, the flowers are completely covered. Mustard is not worth it. It is dying in places. Dead in a very low place.’

Marginal farmers complained that the agriculture department did not provide any information or advice despite their huge losses. However, denying the complaint, the agriculture department has given advice on the use of fungicides in the crop fields and what to do to the farmers.

Pikon Kumar Saha, District Training Officer of Jamalpur Agricultural Extension Department said, ‘Due to the adverse weather conditions of the past few days, the crops of some fields have failed. Hopefully there will not be much variation in crop yield. We are giving advice to the concerned farmers through Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer at the field level. And especially saying that the fungicide is used by the farmers. Plantation that was done last year in Jamalpur. This year more than that has been planted.’

This year mustard has been cultivated in seven upazilas of Jamalpur on 39 thousand 30 hectares of land. The agriculture department is expecting a yield of 1.35 tonnes of mustard per hectare.


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