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Mustafa Sarayer Faruqi in ICU

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Filmmaker Mustafa Sarayer Farooqui is undergoing treatment in the hospital after suffering a brain stroke. He was taken to a hospital in the capital when he fell ill on Monday evening. Later, an angiogram was performed there and the doctor informed about Farooqi’s brain stroke.

This information was confirmed by Faruqi’s wife actress Nusrat Imroz Tisha.

Tisha said in a post on her verified Facebook page around 1:00 pm on Monday, “Mustafa has been a little sick since evening. After taking it to the doctor, the doctor told him to go to the NGO village. done He had a small brain stroke. Now under observation in Neuro ICU. Everyone should pray for Mustafa Sarwar Faruqi.

On July 16, 2010, filmmaker Farooqui and actress Tisha got married for love. They have one child named Ilham Nusrat Farooqui.

Farooqui’s notable films include—Bachelor, Third Person Singular Number, Television, Antology, Dub.


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