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Murad wished for the ‘victory of the boat’

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Dr. Jamalpur-4 (Sarishabari) Constituency’s independent candidate of eagle symbol wished for the victory of boat marker. Murad Hasan MP. One such video has spread on social media. And with this video, humor is created.

In the 18-second video, Murad Hasan can be heard saying, ‘Gazi Sahib’s child. You know him. Everyone please pray. Inshallah I will return home with the boat marker victory.’

Then when a bystander reminded him, he smiled and asked for the eagle symbol. He said these things during a public meeting in Sarishabari upazila recently.

Among the five constituencies of Jamalpur, the present MP Murad is contesting as an independent candidate only in Sarishabari.

Before this, Dr. was elected as a Member of Parliament twice from the seat. Murad Hasan. In the 2018 election, the State Minister of Health and Family Welfare Ministry was first given the responsibility. A few months later, he was removed from the position of Minister of State for Health in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

He had to leave the ministry when a phone conversation with actress Mahia Mahi was leaked while he was the Minister of State for Information. Also, he was in discussions throughout the country for various speeches.

Since then, Murad was expelled from the Awami League due to his gossip and women’s scandal. He was also removed from the post of state minister.

However, actress Mahia Mahio is running as an independent candidate in Rajshahi-1 (Tanor-Godagari) constituency in the 12th National Assembly elections. Mahi got the truck emblem.

There will be a three-way fight in Sarishabari of Jamalpur. There are total seven candidates in Jamalpur-4 seat. Among the seven candidates, five are from five parties including Awami League and Jatiya Party. Three of them are shaking the polling ground.

Awami League candidate Mahbubur Rahman Helal’s main rivals are the discussed member of parliament Murad Hasan and Awami League leader Abdur Rashid. Helal, the candidate for the boat symbol, is facing some challenge as there are two heavyweight independent candidates. There is a lot of electoral atmosphere in this constituency in the campaign of these three strong candidates.

Sarishabari-4 constituencies consisting of one upazila and one municipality of eight unions. 2 lakh 89 thousand 177 voters will vote in 614 booths of 89 centers of this constituency on January 7. On that day they will select their preferred candidate.

Among the other candidates contesting the seat is Tarikh Mahadi of the Bangladesh Nationalist Front (BNF) contesting on the television symbol. Apart from this, Trinamool BNP’s Mohammad Saiful Islam with golden scale symbol, Jatiya Party’s Md. with plow symbol. Abul Kalam Azad and the National Socialist Party (JSAD). Ghulam Mustafa Jinnah is contesting with the torch symbol.


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