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Mumtaz’s new song in the middle of the election

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Folk singer Mumtaz Begum is electing as Awami League nominated candidate in Manikganj-2 constituency in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. He is currently busy with election work in the area. Despite this busy schedule, Mumtaz gave voice to the new song. The title of the song is ‘VAT’.

The song was released on Sunday (December 10) on the occasion of National VAT Day and VAT Week. Fawad Nasser Babu’s music is written by Tushar Mizan. The song was recorded at Babu’s studio.

Mumtaz said, ‘When I get an offer to create awareness, I immediately agree. I have not counted the number of songs I have sung about environmental pollution, child marriage and awareness creation issues. People love and like, so doing these things gives me pleasure. I think our social responsibility as artists is more than others. I do things from that place.’

He also said, ‘The most enjoyable thing is getting the opportunity to do something for people. To be able to do something for people is to do for society and country. The artist is satisfied with this, and as a person, I feel lucky in a sense.’

Tushar Mizan, the lyricist of the song, said, ‘It’s called Tripadi Zarigan. What kind of development the state will get with the VAT money, I have highlighted in the lyrics of the song. Since the subject of the song is sensitive, I had to think a lot while writing the song. The song will play across the country for the next week. Such an arrangement to encourage people to pay VAT and create awareness.


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