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Mumtaz’s defeat due to poor relations with local leaders

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Three-time Member of Parliament and singer Momtaz Begum has been defeated in Manikganj-2 constituency. Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu, an independent candidate of his party, has secured victory for the first time after entering politics. The discussion is going on in the district. Locals of the party say that this defeat of Mumtaz is due to bad relations with the leaders and workers of her party, upazila and UP chairmen.

The total number of voters in Manikganj Constituency which consists of three Unions of Singair, Harirampur and Sadar is 4 lakh 66 thousand 989. Among them, Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu got 88 thousand 309 votes. And Mumtaz Begum got 82 thousand 138 votes. Dewan Zahid won by getting more than 6 thousand 171 votes. Dewan Zahid was the Finance Secretary of Tulu District Awami League.

Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu, who is known as a businessman but has no contact with politics, became the finance secretary of Manikganj district Awami League a year and a half ago. He became an independent candidate in the national parliament election without getting the nomination of Awami League.

It is known that talking to people of various professions in Singair Upazila, Dewan Zahid Ahmed Tulu came to the public through his cousin Dewan Shafiul Arefin Tutul, the former youth and sports affairs secretary of Central Awami League, five years ago. Even then he had little contact with politics. The question is, why was he elected after defeating a three-time member of Parliament like Mumtaz Begum?

Talking to leaders at various levels, it is known that after Mumtaz Begum was elected a Member of Parliament of Awami League in 2014, she had a good relationship with all the leaders and workers of Singair Upazila Awami League. Mumtaz Begum used to observe every program announced by the center along with the leaders and workers of Delhi. In the last upazila election, the joint secretary of the upazila Awami League, Saidul Islam, sought the nomination of a boat and did not get it. But the nomination of Mumtaz Begum’s nephew led to infighting. After that, in Singair Upazila Awami League Council, instead of making Abdul Majed Khan, the former general secretary of Upazila Awami League, as the president, Mumtaz Begum herself made her the president and her nephew Shahidur Rahman as the general secretary. This created a conflict between Mamtaz and Majed. Since then, Majed Khan and Saidul Islam together with their followers came out from Mumtaz and started speaking against Mumtaz about her corruption and lack of development in Singair upazila in the programs organized in different places. In this, the image of Mumtaz Begum in the constituency started to deteriorate. The local leaders-activists said that the impact has fallen on the election results.

When asked why Mumtaz Begum lost in the election, General Secretary of Singair Upazila Awami League Shahidur Rahman said, ‘We continued to work for the boat under the leadership of Mumtaz Begum in the Zilla Parishad elections last year. On the other hand, former General Secretary of Upazila Awami League, Burman District Awami League Vice President Abdul Majed Khan and Upazila Awami League Joint Secretary Saidul Islam secretly worked for Chashma candidate Bajlul Haque Khan Ripon. On the election day, I had a heated argument with Saidul Haque at the Upazila Parishad square. As a result of this, Abdul Majed Khan and Syedul Islam started various false propaganda against Mumtaz Begum before the elections, showing the temptation to make Tulu, who suddenly emerged in politics a few years ago, as an MP. They were joined by Dewan Shafiul Arefin Tutul, former youth and sports affairs secretary of the central Awami League, and Singair upazila chairman Mushfiqur Rahman Khan Hannan, who were candidates in the election. Manikganj District Awami League President Golam Mohiuddin and Harirampur Upazila Chairman Dewan Saidur Rahman secretly supported them before the election. They spread false propaganda against Mumtaz Begum in various gatherings, spread anti-development words of Awami League on social media and used black money in elections, the election results went against Mumtaz Begum.’

Zahid Ahmed Tulu, the winning independent candidate, said, “Although the Awami League has made extensive progress across the country in the last 15 years, there has been no development in Singair and Harirampur upazilas, which are the closest to Dhaka. There has been more corruption than development.’

Tulu said, ‘During his (Momtaz) time, the committees of Singair Upazila Awami League became family committees. Here Mumtaz MP and President of Upazila Awami League, her nephew Shahidur Rahman is General Secretary of Upazila Awami League, Mumtaz’s first child became the mayor of Singair Municipality and became hostage of Upazila Awami to their family. Because of this, former general secretary of Singair upazila Burman, 9 out of 11 UP chairman of Singair upazila including joint secretary left his company and came to me. I was able to win because they worked selflessly for me in the election.’

District Awami League President and Zilla Parishad Chairman Golam Mohiuddin said, ‘This election has been participatory. We confirmed the votes of our preferred candidates by ensuring the presence of voters in each polling station of the three constituencies.

Gholam Mohiuddin also said, “She (Momtaz) has been infamous at various times while she was a member of parliament. Failed to build confidence of voters in elections. Apart from this, I think the reason for losing the election is because he (Momtaz) does not have a good relationship with senior leaders and workers.


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