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Muijju did not agree to the use of Indian aircraft, the death of the teenager

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A 14-year-old boy died in Maldives last Saturday. Allegedly, President Mohammad Muijju refused to approve the use of Dornier aircraft provided by India for the airlift. That’s why it was late to take the minor to the hospital. This information was reported in the report of Indian media NDTV.

The minor had a brain tumor and suffered a stroke. The family requested an air ambulance to take the minor from Vilingilibari to the capital city of Male as his condition was critical.

The victim’s family alleged that the authorities failed to arrange prompt treatment. The President did not agree to the use of Indian aircraft.

The victim’s father said, “I have appealed to the Civil Aviation Authority to take my son to Malaysia immediately after he suffered a stroke. But they did not give us any reply. They finally called us at 8:30 am local time on Thursday. But unable to immediately transfer the boy to Male, his health rapidly deteriorated. Finally, he was admitted to the ICU as soon as he was taken to Malaysia.

Asandha Company Limited of Maldives, which is responsible for evacuating people for treatment, issued a statement. They said, as soon as they received the application, they started the rescue operation. But at the last moment they were delayed due to a mechanical fault.

On the other hand, local people protested outside the hospital due to the boy’s death. Ex-Maldives MP Mikail Nasim said that people should not lose their lives because of the President’s hostile attitude towards India.

The incident comes at a time when diplomatic relations between India and the archipelago are at a low following the derogatory comments made by Maldivian leaders and ministers towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indians.


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