Home News MP Shakib, Politics, BCB President – ​​Tamim’s answers to many questions

MP Shakib, Politics, BCB President – ​​Tamim’s answers to many questions

MP Shakib, Politics, BCB President – ​​Tamim’s answers to many questions

Since before that World Cup, the conflict between the two of them is coming back to the mouths of the cricket lovers of Bangladesh. In the meantime, the water has flowed a lot, the Bangladesh team has failed in the World Cup, the new year has given new hope to the victory in the ODI and T20 on New Zealand soil.

Many changes have happened in the life of Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan. More than Shakib. With Tamim finally returning to the cricket field with injury, the bigger news for Shakib than returning to the game after a World Cup injury – Shakib is now a member of parliament. Shakib was elected from Magura-1 constituency in the last election.

Tamim was asked about this today. Tamim congratulated Shakib after this change? Before the BPL, Tamim said in response to this question after talking to the reporters after the practice of Fortune Barisal today, that the two have not spoken yet.

The BPL starts tomorrow, with each of the seven franchises going into the tournament with dreams of becoming champions. In this year’s tournament, there are promises and preparations to reduce some deficits in terms of broadcasting compared to the previous few years.

Apart from all this, the return of Tamim Iqbal is raising interest in this year’s BPL. After the last game in the series against New Zealand before the World Cup, Tamim did not come down on the cricket field, let alone in the jersey of Bangladesh. After that his name came in the center of controversy. Dropped from the World Cup squad, rumors of his feud with Shakib Al Hasan became all too apparent at the time. Since then the left-handed opener has been in the headlines due to his injury reports.

Tamim is returning to the cricket field with this BPL. The captaincy of Fortune Barisal is also on his shoulders. Earlier, Tamim spoke to reporters after the team practice today. There BPL, his preparation… along with these cricket discussions, there were also questions about Shakib, BCB and politics.

Asked whether he congratulated Shakib or not, Tamim said, ‘Nobody has met either of them yet. If we meet, we will definitely talk. Let’s see what happens!’

Like Shakib or Mashrafe Bin Murtaza, will Tamim ever be seen in politics? When asked about that, Tamim, however, turned around and answered, ‘It will be risky to answer it. I said ‘no’, again after 10 years I was seen doing (politics). Then you will show that I said ‘no’ now (about entering politics). So nothing can be said no. But I have no interest at the moment.’ Incidentally, a 2012 post from his fan page on social media went viral after Shakib stood for election, in which Shakib said that he would never join politics.

If it is not in politics, Tamim will go to BCB if he gets a chance? BCB’s current president Nazmul Hasan Papon has been elected as the sports minister of the current government. Since then, who will be the next president of BCB, whether it can be someone from Shakib-Mashrafid or not, speculations are going on. Shakib has expressed his desire to become the BCB president many times. But Tamim?

He said to the question today, ‘I have nothing (desire) for these things. You never know where the future takes you. If Allah writes something like this on my forehead, it will be like this. I can’t force it.’