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MP Jafar was dismissed from the post of Awami League

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Member of Parliament for Cox’s Bazar-1 (Chakaria-Pekua) Constituency Zafar Alam has been temporarily suspended from the party post for making disrespectful statements about Prime Minister and party chief Sheikh Hasina. He was serving as the President of Chakaria Upazila Awami League.

Cox’s Bazar District Awami League President Adv. This information was informed in a press release signed by Faridul Islam Chowdhury and General Secretary Mujibur Rahman.

In addition, in the notification, Zafar Alam was instructed to show reasons to the district Awami League within the next seven days as to why Zafar Alam will not be expelled permanently. It is also mentioned that if the answer is not given, it will be recommended to the central Awami League for permanent expulsion.

It is said in the circular that Zafar Alam behaved insolently by making disrespectful statements about the Prime Minister and Chairperson of Bangladesh Awami League Sheikh Hasina. Which is organizational disorder. Because of this, Zafar Alam was temporarily relieved from the post of Chakaria Upazila President and asked to show reasons within 7 days.

Earlier, while inaugurating the election office in Pekua on Tuesday (December 19), independent candidate Zafar Alam addressed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a tearful speech and said, ‘I have been nominated once but I have gone for you in the face of death a hundred times. I have ruined everything in my life for you. I spent 1 crore 25 lakhs in one meeting in Cox’s Bazar. I made the public meeting a success by providing 1000 trucks and 1000 trucks with one day’s food for 40 thousand people in Matarbari. You (Sheikh Hasina) announced Ashek Ullah Rafiq MP candidate there.’

MP Zafar also said, ‘Listen leader – Allah is above. Allah will judge me if I am guilty. But I felt it was unfair to me. A simple worker like me, was cheated again and again by putting the boat on someone else’s shoulder and took the boat away from me. Even that day I accepted with a smile. I went to the district Awami League conference. Not being able to vote for me there, the leaders and workers left with tears in their eyes. I heard you that day too.’

Current Member of Parliament Zafar Alam was deprived of Awami League’s nomination for Chakaria Pekua constituency. After that he is contesting the elections as an independent candidate. Awami League’s nomination was given to Salahuddin Ahmed CIP. His nomination was canceled due to loan default. So there is no boat candidate here.

Bangladesh Welfare Party Chairman Major General (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim is also contesting in this seat.


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