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Mother fought the last battle of her life in the hospital: Arifin Shubo

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Actor Arifin Shubhar’s mother Khairun Nahar was sick for a long time. He used to talk about his mother often in his interactions with the media or on his Facebook page. He said, if mother is not good, nothing is good. Mother-devotees may not be able to do such crazy things with their mothers. Because the man of his absolute love is no longer alive. On Wednesday (January 24) at 11:55 PM, Arifin Shubo’s mother Khairun Nahar died while undergoing treatment at the National Institute of Neurosciences Hospital in the capital.

This morning, Arifin Shubo talked about his mother once again on Facebook. He said, ‘My mother has gone to Allah (inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun). On January 21, mother suddenly fell ill. Since then, the mother has been fighting the last battle of her life in the hospital’s intensive care unit. It ended on January 24 at 11:55 pm due to brain hemorrhage.

Shubo said that his mother was buried in Shaheed Intellectual Cemetery after Janaza at Kaloni Central Jame Masjid and Jameul Ulum Madrasa Complex in Bad Fajr Dhaka.

He also said, ‘All of you have prayed for my mother before, you will keep my mother in your prayers this time too, insha’Allah.’

Incidentally, according to Shubo’s family sources, Khairun Nahar fell ill on January 21 at noon. Since then he was under treatment in the ICU of the hospital. He was suffering from schizophrenia since 2017.


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