Home News Moscow criticizes UK for defaming Russian media

Moscow criticizes UK for defaming Russian media

Moscow criticizes UK for defaming Russian media

British tabloids have previously accused their Russian counterparts of spreading fake news about the alleged death of King Charles

Moscow has taken London to task over recent accusations leveled against the Russian media by a number of leading British tabloids. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the British media is controlled and manipulated by politicians who use it to verbally attack the “undesirable”, in this case Russian intelligence.

The statement came after The Guardian, Express, Telegraph and Daily Mail published Tales in which they accused Russia’s Sputnik and RIA Novosti of spreading false news about the alleged death of the British monarch King Charles III. Unconfirmed reports of the king’s untimely death circulated on social networks on Monday, and RIA Novosti contacted the royal press service. She later posted a story confirming that the reports were false.

British media quickly accused their Russian counterparts of spreading disinformation. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow he says the incident is an example of how the British news cycle is controlled by the government.

“At the right moment, the British authorities will throw in a pre-approved version of events and accuse the unwanted media of spreading fake news. And here is a concrete example… Russian media has become a target for fact-checking.” the foreign ministry said. It claimed that the latest allegations against Russian media secured the UK’s position as a “Fake news production center.”

The Russian Ministry also commented on the news in Britain “disappearance” another British royal Kate Middleton.

Kensington Palace announced on January 17 that the Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery. Although no reason was given for the move, all of Middleton’s planned events were postponed and she did not appear in public for over two months, prompting a flurry of speculation in the British press.

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The Russian Ministry said that this example illustrates the London chronic “lack of sincerity,” and accused her of active participation “Creating and spreading disinformation… through media loyal to the authorities.”

“The ongoing campaign of conspiracy in Britain, sparked by the Princess of Wales’ long absence from public view…has again highlighted the rotten nature of the British political establishment, based on its desire to completely dominate public opinion at home and far beyond. its borders through mass media manipulation and fake news,” the ministry said. The statement went on to say that the British media and political system did “merged” create “an ecosystem of lies and provocations.”

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