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More than 2 thousand flights canceled in America

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More than 2,000 domestic flights have been canceled in various US states today. This is the highest number of canceled flights since July last year, tracking site FlightAware shows.

According to CNN, these flights have been canceled due to heavy snowfall and winter storms. More than 40 percent of the canceled flights were to various airports in Chicago. The remaining 60 percent of flights were canceled at airports in Colorado and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Temperatures in America have dropped below freezing in the past few days. As a result, the demand for electricity has increased. Everyone wants to keep the house warm through electricity. America’s power plants are struggling to meet the increased demand for electricity. Even many areas of central and southern states including Colorado, Wisconsin, Arkansas are without power.

CNN also reported that nearly two and a half million homes are without power in the southern states of America. In addition, several areas of Arkansas received winter storm rain.


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