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Monsoon shooting is going on in America in minus temperature

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In the winter, the temperature in the US drops below minus. What’s more, in the meantime, the shooting of actress Mausmui is happening. Minus is not just a little bit, but just under 10. And that’s when Priyadarshini shot the musical film. The name is ‘Ardhangini’. It is being produced by Syed and Eman. Recently, a poster and teaser has been released. However, when it will be released, no details are known.

Pointing to the ‘halftime’ period, Syed and Eamon said, ‘A heroine of such stature as Mausumi is not used to the American winter. He ran in extremely cold snow with a temperature of minus 10-12 degrees Celsius. I left the cars on full hit at the shooting spot. Cameras and even hand-held smart phones are turning off suddenly in the cold and having to warm them up in the car. Can’t shoot for more than five minutes continuously. Taking a break, everyone in the unit runs into the car that has left the heat, hoping for a bit of warmth. But Mousumi didn’t care about that. He was completely in character. He seems to have forgotten the outside environment.’

Moushumi was contacted about the matter but no reply was received for now. Omar Sani, husband of the actress and actor, said that Mousumi went to the United States to visit her daughter. Stay a few more days.

Meanwhile, ‘Sonar Char’ starring Moushumi got censor clearance a few days ago. The movie is produced by Zahid Hossain. In addition to Moushumi, Omar Sani, Zayed Khan and many others acted in the movie. Its release date will be announced after Moushumi returns home.


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