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Monitoring the ongoing conflict in Myanmar: Foreign Minister

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Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud said that the ongoing conflict between the rebels and the junta government in Myanmar is being monitored. He said this in response to reporters’ questions after the courtesy meeting between Danish Ambassador Christian Brix Møller and Canadian High Commissioner Lily Nichols at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

The impact of the conflict between the two sides in Myanmar has reached the border areas of Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. Residents of the border areas are in fear due to the firing and clashes in Myanmar. They say the sound of heavy gunfire is coming from across the border.

Among them, 13 mortar shells and 1 bullet landed on the Cox’s Bazar border in Bangladesh last Saturday.

When attention was drawn to this matter, Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud said, ‘There is a conflict between two sides of the country in Myanmar. We are keeping an eye on this matter so that the mortar shells of this conflict do not reach our borders. Our border guards are alert. We are in contact with the Myanmar government in this regard.

On January 15, the insurgent group Arakan Army (AA) claimed to occupy the town of Paletwa in Rakhine State. The group’s spokesperson, Khain Thu Kha, said, “We have captured Paletwa, a port city on the banks of the Kaladan River. The city is very important for commercial transactions with neighboring countries (Bangladesh and India).’

Last Friday, the Arakan Army announced that they had captured Pakta, the most important port city in Rakhine.

Since then, fierce fighting started with the army and the Arakan army. The Arakan Army is now desperate to take control of the entire Rakhine state. Amid the raging conflict across the border, there are fears of Rohingya infiltration into the country again.

Returning Bangabandhu’s killer Noor Chowdhury to the discussion

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that talks have been held with Canadian High Commissioner Lily Nichols to bring Noor Chowdhury, who was sentenced to death for Bangabandhu’s murder, back from Canada.

Hashan Mahmud said in response to the journalists’ question, “There was a discussion about sending back Noor Chowdhury, the accused in the Bangabandhu murder case.” The High Commissioner told me that it was a disadvantage that Canada does not have the death penalty. I requested bilateral process. The High Commissioner said, he will report the matter to their government.

The Minister said discussions were held with the High Commissioner regarding the adoption of ‘preferential’ measures to receive more immigrants from Bangladesh, especially in the agricultural sector, and the inclusion of students from this country in Canada’s Students Direct Scheme (SDS).

At this time the Nobel Peace Prize winner. The Foreign Minister criticized a recent comment by Muhammad Yunus. He said, ‘Dr. With due respect and respect to Muhammad Yunus, what he said is not correct. Dr. Yunus’s organization could not properly explain the dues to the workers, they were deprived. Aggrieved workers have filed a case. This requires an approval from the Labor Department, which they have taken. Detailed legal explanation will be given by the Ministry of Law.

The foreign minister said about the meeting with the ambassador of Denmark, the ambassador said that Bangladesh is the second development partner of Denmark in terms of trade. They are interested in investing in Chittagong port of Bangladesh.

Hasan Mahmud said, ‘We have been working with Denmark for a long time on climate issues. Discussions were held regarding the continuation of cooperation in this regard in the future. Apart from this, the meeting also discussed about the increase of Danish investment in the economic zones of Bangladesh.


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