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Mohamed Salah’s luck did not return to Egypt even with a cow sacrifice

by Afonso
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Egypt could not break the cycle of failure in the African Nations Cup. Despite drawing three of their matches in the group stage, the tournament’s record seven-time champions made it to the last sixteen thanks to luck. On the one hand, Jayakhra, on the other hand, the biggest star of the team, Mohamed Salah, and the injuries of several important players became a headache for the African country.

Egypt sacrificed a cow last Thursday in the hope of returning good luck to win the knockout stage. But even then they did not get the good fortune goddess. Salah’s departure from the last sixteen was confirmed after losing 8-7 in a dramatic tiebreaker against Congo on Sunday night.

However, Salah could not enter the field due to injury in this match. Egypt did not even get the team’s number one goalkeeper. As a result, what happened happened. Rui Vitoria’s disciples suffered throughout the match. Mohamed Abou Gabal, the Egyptian goalkeeper of this match, could not stop a single shot of Congo in the tiebreaker.

At the Estate de San Pedro Stadium in Ivory Coast, Egypt controlled the match, but Salah’s Rui Vitoria’s men lost in attack. Congo’s 26-year-old winger Meshack Elia took advantage of every attack. He put Congo ahead in the 37th minute of the match.

It didn’t take long for Egypt to get back into the match. Mustafa Mohamed equalized the match by scoring from a spot kick in the added time of the first half. In the second half, Egypt did not see any more goals due to one failure of the strikers. The match ended 1-1 in extra time.

In the 7th minute of extra time, Mohamed Hamdi Sharaf left the field after seeing the red card. Congo could not make use of the opportunity despite having Egypt with ten men. As there were no more goals, the result of the match was decided by a tiebreaker. There is also drama.

The first phase of the play was staged in the second shot of the tiebreaker. Mustafa who scored coolly from the penalty in the match came to take a shot for Egypt. He broke the average in the tiebreaker. The Egyptian striker took a shot outside the post. Interestingly, Congo failed to score from the second shot in the same manner as Mustafa.

The first five-shot tiebreaker ended at 4-4. As the result of the match did not come, the penalty round continued. Both teams scored in the next three shots. After eight shots, the penalty score is 7-7.

Egyptian goalkeeper Gabal hit over the post in the ninth penalty. But he could not stop Congo’s Lionel Mpasi’s shot. This confirms that Egypt will return home from the last sixteen.

Earlier, last Thursday, Egypt held a cow sacrifice in San Pedro in the hope of returning good luck. The meat was then distributed among the needy people around the capital Cairo. However, this is not the first time that cow sacrifice has been used to bring back luck. Earlier in 2008, Egypt sacrificed a cow before the quarter-finals of the Nations Cup. They also won the service tournament title.


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