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Modric-Valverde fired up Real fans by voting for Messi

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Lionel Messi has won FIFA ‘The Best’ for the second time in a row, beating Arling Holland and Kylian Mbappe. But the victory was not easy for the Argentine superstar. In the voting, Messi had a great fight with the Norwegian goal machine Holland. As the two have equal points, according to FIFA rules, the national team captains are ahead in the vote, and Messi has finally won the record eighth best of the year award.

Messi was at the top of the team captain’s choice of 107. On the other hand, 64 captains voted Holland as their first choice. FIFA has again published all the voting information on its website. Many people are surprised by that list. Especially the number of votes that Messi got is surprising. Luka Modric and Fede Valverde are among the captains who voted for Messi. They are again players of the Spanish club Real Madrid. The two have fallen into the rage of the club’s supporters by voting for the Argentine superstar.

Messi spent a long time in club football at Barcelona. The Catalan club has a duel with Real Madrid in Spanish football. So Real’s fans have done well to vote for the former footballer of the arch-rival club.

Earlier, Real star and Austria captain David Alaba voted in Messi’s box for the 2022 FIFA ‘The Best’ award. Alaba was made to stand in front of the fans. The Austria captain later had to explain his position to Real fans as to why he voted for Messi.

Seeing the votes of Modric and Valverde in favor of Messi, it was assumed that something like this is going to happen this time as well. Both chose Messi as their first choice. Uruguay captain Valverde gave three votes to Messi, Mbappe and Holland respectively. On the other hand, Croatia captain Modric’s order of preference is Messi, Rodri and Marcelo Brozovic respectively.

Ever since it came to light, the two have come under fire from Real fans. They came under fire from Los Blancos supporters on social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram.

One commented on Modrich on Instagram, ‘Are you crazy or not? Why did you vote for Messi? Are you an ass?’ Another angry Real supporter wrote a comment, ‘Did you take money to vote for Messi? I don’t see any reason not to vote for Holland.’

In the last Champions League, Real lost to Manchester City in the semi-finals. Another supporter named Gardeligo picked up on Modric and said, ‘You lost to Man City in the semi-final, so you voted for Messi (rather than Holland). Does this (FIFA ‘The Best’) sound like fun? It’s ridiculous.’

“I’m not going to lie,” Ales commented on Uruguay captain Valverde. Voted Messi first choice, it humiliated Madrid. He (Messi) has done nothing this season. Don’t you have a headache?’

Modric-Valverde has been criticized by fans not only on Instagram but also on Twitter. Real fans are expressing their displeasure with voting for Messi. They are not only stuck in dissatisfaction, they are abusing the two stars of Real’s midfield. Many never want to see Modric-Valverde in a Real jersey again.

Neither Modric nor Valverde have yet spoken to the supporter’s response. Let’s see if the two can finally explain their position and regain the confidence of the fans.


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