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Modi was the first to open his mouth about the assassination attempt on the Sikh leader

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke for the first time about the conspiracy to kill Sikh leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in the United States. He said that India will definitely look into the allegations made by the US. India is committed to the rule of law. He said this in an interview published in the UK newspaper Financial Times on Tuesday.

The British media first published the news of the Pannun assassination plot in the third week of last November. They were told that India had plotted to kill Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a US citizen Sikh leader and supporter of an independent Sikh state of Khalistan. One person was also appointed for that job. An Indian diplomat was involved in the whole plot.

Within days of the publication of that report, the US formally accused India of involvement in Pannun’s murder. India later said it would look into the complaint. For that, a high-level committee has been officially announced.

In an interview in this regard, Modi said, “If someone gives us any information, we will certainly look into it.” We are ready to judge any of our citizens whether they do something good or bad. We are committed to the rule of law.

Prime Minister Modi believes that such incidents will not hinder India-US bilateral relations. He said that the relationship between the two countries is very deep. The relationship is mature and permanent. Security and counter-terrorism cooperation is a key aspect of this relationship. Diplomatic relations should not be associated with either of these incidents.

An Indian national has been arrested in the Czech Republic for his involvement in the conspiracy to assassinate Pannun. The person’s name is Nikhil Gupta. He was assigned by an Indian diplomat to kill Pannun. However, the name of the diplomat is not yet known.


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