Home News Moderate cold flow continues in Panchagarh, temperature 6.8

Moderate cold flow continues in Panchagarh, temperature 6.8

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In the northern district of Panchagarh, the temperature increased slightly and the severe cold current turned into a moderate cold current. The Tetulia Meteorological Office recorded a minimum temperature of 6.8 degrees Celsius at 9 am on Monday. Yesterday, Sunday, the minimum temperature dropped to 5 degrees.

Meanwhile, severe cold flow started on Friday at 5.8 degrees Celsius. Since then, moderate to severe cold has been going on for four consecutive days.

However, like every day, the sun appears around 9 am on Monday. But every day after afternoon fog and cold northerly wind starts. Bone-chilling cold was felt till the next morning. In Konkan, the laborers and low-income people have suffered a lot in winter.

Russell Shah, officer-in-charge of Tentulia Meteorological Office, said that the minimum temperature has been rising between 5 and 7 since Friday. Now a severe to moderate cold current is blowing. On Monday morning, the temperature rose slightly to 6.8 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature may rise in the next two-three days.


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