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Mobile internet users fell by 3 lakh in October

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Mobile internet subscribers are decreasing. According to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the number of subscribers decreased by 360,000 in October compared to September.

Mobile operators say that the number of internet users is decreasing due to inflation. In this situation, experts urge to reduce the price of mobile data.

The government wants to build a smart Bangladesh. For this purpose, various changes are being brought in education, health, agriculture and financial sectors. However, even though internet is the basis of Smart Bangladesh, the use of mobile data is decreasing.

According to BTRC data, mobile internet users were 11 crore 97 lakh 70 thousand in September. In October it stood at 11 crore 94 lakh 10 thousand.

Mohammad Zulfikar, Secretary General of Amtob, an association of operators, said that this is the effect of price inflation on all products. Many people are not able to spend on Internet to meet all their needs.

However, Chief Corporate and Regulatory Officer of the operator company Robi Sahedul Alam said that it is normal for internet users to decrease towards the end of the year. Users are expected to increase again from next month or February.

Analysts say that the decrease in internet users is an obstacle in the way of building a smart Bangladesh. For this, they urge to reduce the price of mobile internet.

Telecommunication expert TIM Nurul Kabir said, Internet is a daily essential service in today’s era. It should be given as many incentives as possible to use it. The role of internet use is immense in building a smart Bangladesh.

Currently there are 1 crore 24 lakh 90 thousand broadband subscribers. As such, currently there are 13 crore 18 lakh 90 thousand internet users.


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