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MLA demands punishment of Poonam Pandey for spreading fake news

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The news spread that ‘Drama Queen’ fame Poonam Pandey has passed away. A day later, in a video message, he said that he was ‘alive’. Maharashtra MLA Satyajit Tambe has appealed to the Mumbai Police to take action against him for spreading such fake news. According to him, what Poonam has done by spreading fake news of death is a punishable offence.

On Friday morning (February 2), Poonam Pandey’s manager Nikita Sharma said on her Instagram account that the 32-year-old model died of uterine cancer. A day later on Saturday (February 3), Poonam said through a video that she was alive. In fact, this whole thing was a stunt. On the occasion of Cancer Day (February 4) is just a publicity strategy to create awareness about ‘Cervical Cancer’. Although Poonam has apologized for resorting to lies. However, MLA Tambe thinks that he should be punished for such a crime.

Tambe appealed to the Mumbai police to take strict action against Poonam. He thinks that Poonam’s followers can easily choose that path for their own promotion. The MLA commented, ‘Police action is very necessary to stop fake news on social media. A case should also be filed against Poonam. He has done wrong.’

Tamber claims that Poonam’s post has confused everyone. He said, ‘Instead of creating awareness about cervical cancer, he has scared people. No awareness was created through fake news of his death. Rather, the problem has increased.

Incidentally, millions of women around the world are affected by cervical cancer every day. Poonam started talking about this deadly disease on social media from Saturday morning. Besides, he also made it clear, not to hurt anyone, but because of the speed with which this disease is spreading among women worldwide, it does not matter to compromise! As soon as the news of her death spread, the actress was rather happy with the way in which writings about uterine cancer started everywhere.


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