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Mistakes in DNA report, not proof of crime

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Due to inconsistencies in the DNA test report, the accused who have given confessional statement under Section 164 are also getting bail. Even though he confessed to killing his friend for just 500 rupees, the crime could not be proved without matching the DNA sample. Analysts say that special care should be taken when collecting DNA samples.

On May 1, 2019, Madrasa student Tahsin was drowned in Rupganj lake. Five were arrested after eight of his friends confessed to the murder to the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI). The accused gave a confessional statement under section 164 in the court.

The victim’s family got information about the murder from Tahsin’s other friends. Later there was a case in this regard. It was later revealed that Nazrul and his seven friends Shaon, Imran, Shamim, Abbas, Taher, Nadeem and Shukkur Ali killed him.

After killing Tahsin, the body was dumped in the lake. After it was recovered, it was buried as an heir. After 3 and a half months, DNA was recovered from the grave. There are obstacles to matching the mother and father samples. Because they did not get along with their parents.

Tahsin’s father said, ‘Time passes a lot for Corona. After about a year and a half, when it was done, he might not have found it.’

Tahsin’s mother said, ‘We are told that we have to go to Rupganj where a body like Tahsin’s has been picked up from the water and they have printed posters. His face is swollen. If he drank water, his whole body would swell, including his stomach. If I could ever go before the judge, I would like to know that.’

PBI says that there is less chance of DNA report being wrong as it has been scientifically proven all over the world. So they are working by analyzing the situation.

PBI chief Banaj Kumar Majumder said, ‘It is done scientifically. What is said here is correct. So there is no chance for us to have any hesitation. There is no conflict here with the deposition given in Section 164.’

Analysts say there is a need to check whether proper rules are followed during DNA sampling.

Nazmus Saqib, Associate Professor of Criminology Department of Dhaka University, said, ‘The result may not have been properly because some factor or indicator was influenced from outside on the day the DNA test was conducted. Or they have resorted to some other trick. Because the two will not match the chances of this happening are very low.’

Earlier, in another incident in Rupganj of Narayanganj, the DNA test did not match the samples of the family members.


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