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Misinterpretations about gatherings: EC Alamgir

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The Election Commissioner (EC) said that wrong explanations are being given about the meetings in the name of politics. Alamgir. He said this at an exchange meeting organized on the occasion of the 12th National Assembly elections at the Gazipur District Commissioner’s office on Sunday morning. At this time, he also said that obstructing the voters will be considered a crime; However, anyone can hold meetings with the permission of the administration.

The announcement of election resistance is illegal. Alamgir said, “It is said in the election law that obstructing candidates, voters or disrupting the electoral system is a crime according to the law.” We have said through the letter that after the allocation of symbols on the 18th, the election process will begin, then the parties who did not turn up for the election and who have announced that they will contest the election are illegal. But subject to the permission of the administration, they can hold democratic rights meetings. We have no restrictions on that.’

Assuring that the voters will be able to vote safely, the EC said, ‘Army will act as a striking force for fair elections. Police Administration, Returning Officers and Presiding Officers will be deployed wherever required. The polling will be very peaceful and orderly and will be contested. You will vote for your favorite candidate. You can come safely, vote and go home safely. You can stay safe even when you go home.’

In response to the question of journalists whether there is any pressure from the outside world around the election, he said, ‘There is no pressure from the outside world about the election. They just want to know what we are doing for fair elections.’

Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Md. Mahbub Alam, Deputy Commissioner Abul Fate Mohammad Safiqul Islam and law enforcement officers were present.


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