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Mishu of Shahabtali sang Rana’s words in memory of the martyred intellectuals

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Sheikh Rana is the lyricist of many popular songs. In 2019, his lyrics were released in the band Shahartali’s song ‘Shahirtalir Akash’. This is Rana’s first collaboration with the band. But then they shared plans for some more songs. Now a new song has been created from there, which has been sung by suburban vocalist Mishu Khan. The title of this song written by Rana in memory of the martyred intellectuals in the 1971 Liberation War is ‘Let it be said now’. It was revealed on Wednesday evening on the occasion of Martyr Intellectuals Day (December 14).

Commenting on how the song came to Sheikh Rana’s mind, this lyricist commented, ‘Every year on December 14, a picture comes to mind. Munir Chowdhury, Govindchandra Dev, Selina Parveen, Dr. in black and white film. Silent pictures of 19 martyred intellectuals including Fazle Rabbi. 15/16 period. While looking at the picture, one day it seemed that these intelligent people were walking, together. On a surreal street. Highway full of dreams. The first four lines are written. Then the words started coming out one by one. I saw the Liberation War. I saw people protesting in the fire of betrayal, at the same time I saw a group of poets who were calm but wise. Those who know that it is possible to make a storm in poetry.’

He added, “‘Let them speak’ started thinking about the martyred intellectuals. December 14 with the intention of capturing the word. At the same time this song also talks about those who risked their lives for 9 months and defeated the invading forces and handed over a red-green flag to us. A highway full of dreams.’

Meanwhile, this song is Mishu Khan’s second single in his career. Earlier, his first single ‘Eka Katha’ was released in 2021. The singer told Independent Digital when asked why the single song suddenly, ‘There are some songs outside the band’s songs, which are composed but I don’t think they can be given to the band. Those songs really need to be given life. This is the purpose of making this song. There are plans to do more such songs in the future.’

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However, in the song ‘Ebar Akh Katha Hoke’, the members of the suburbs have also worked. Sadi Mohammad played the keyboard, Mahibul Hasan Mahim played the drums and bass programming, and Mamunur Rashid played the flute. Mix-mastering done by Tamjid Khan and Mahibul Hasan Mahim. Animation done by Saadi Mohammad.

Talking about the song, Mishu said, “Rana bhai gave this lyric four or five years ago. When we sing the song ‘Shahrtili Akash’ for the first time in his words, immediately after that. I always say—he (Sheikh Rana) is our living legend, he has many famous songs in his lyrics. So I was thinking about this song for almost three years, but I didn’t have the courage. Because the words of his songs, they need to be treated from a place of emotion or protest. Then last three months ago I sat again with the song and composed it. It is mainly written about martyred intellectuals. The words of the freedom fighters as a whole have also come.’


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