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Misha is not staying in Zayed’s alliance

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The election bell of Bangladesh Film Artists Association is ringing. That’s how the film artists have started to prepare. However, the ongoing conflict between actor Zayed Khan and actress Nipun Akhtar over the post of General Secretary in the 2022-24 term elections has not yet been resolved. However, Nipun Akhter has been responsible. In the meantime, the election schedule of Film Artists Association for 2024-26 term is going to be announced at the earliest.

Rumor has it that the Election Commission for this year’s elections is going to be finalized on the day of the association’s meeting on February 1. In the meantime, actor Misha Saudagar said that if the artists want, he will definitely participate in the election again. Along with this, the actor also confirmed that he did not arrange a panel with Zayed Khan.

He said to the media, ‘Zayed Khan is my younger brother. Served with him for two terms. I want new leadership. If I had to choose I would do it with someone new. I’m a solid guy, I like to talk solid. So I will say, I have no possibility to elect artists association with Zayed Khan.’

According to Misha Saudagar, Zayed Khan is very busy now. He has a lot of work to do now. So he should take rest.

Incidentally, Misha Saudagar has worked in charge of artists association for 13 consecutive years. He was the president for two consecutive terms. And for his panel, Zayed Khan was the general secretary. These two stars were on the same panel in the last election as well.


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