Home News Minister Tomáš: When re-introducing the pension ceiling, we can take inspiration from the Czech Republic

Minister Tomáš: When re-introducing the pension ceiling, we can take inspiration from the Czech Republic

Minister Tomáš: When re-introducing the pension ceiling, we can take inspiration from the Czech Republic

In Slovakia, there will be a major professional debate on the re-introduction of the pension ceiling, it should also be set depending on the demandingness of the profession. We can take inspiration from the Czech Republic.

This was stated on Monday by the Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family Erik Tomáš after negotiations with the Czech Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka in Bratislava.

“I have to admit that the Czech Republic inspired us with some parts of its new pension reform. In Slovakia, under the previous government, the pension ceiling that we had previously introduced was abolished, so we were interested in the fact that the Czech Republic will introduce a pension ceiling depending on the demands profession,” explained Tomáš.

People who perform the most demanding jobs should therefore retire earlier than others.

With the Czech departmental partner, they solved several practical issues, for example the deadlines for awarding pensions on the Czech and Slovak sides.

“Many citizens, whether in the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic, have combined pensions and sometimes, when the second part of the pension is to be granted, it seems as if it takes longer than it should. We have looked at the situation, evaluated it and will do our best to to shorten those deadlines as much as possible, so that parts of the pensions from the other state are granted as quickly as possible,” emphasized Tomáš.

According to him, Slovakia can be inspired by the Czech Republic in the field of social services. In Slovakia, a major reform in this area is being prepared, which should apply from 2026. The Czech Republic is already using a model that should also work in our country.

“According to the new system, the dependent person should receive one allowance and she will decide what service she will use it for. Whether she will use it for care in her natural environment, i.e. by her relatives or through a field worker, or for care in a residential social services facility,” he explained. Tomáš, saying that representatives of the Slovak Ministry of Labor should go to the Czech Republic to see how this model works in practice.

According to the minister, another topic of Monday’s meeting was the possibility of organizing a joint negotiation of the Czechoslovak tripartite in Slovakia.

“You can see that the professional bilateral consultations between the Czech and Slovak sides are ongoing and I am very much looking forward to it. Today we discussed a lot of practical issues and inspired each other with regard to our social systems, because they are really very close,” he assessed Tomas.

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