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Millions of people are losing everything due to cancer treatment

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Rafiqul Islam has been spending a lot of his life as a prisoner within the four walls of the hospital for 7 months. The rickshaw puller’s father spent all his savings on his son’s blood cancer treatment. Now the loan taken from the association is being spent.

Rafiqul’s mother said, ‘I have collected money from 4 to 5 NGOs. I have withdrawn money from NGO in the name of Nanad, son’s wife, two daughters and myself. I only say to Allah, if Allah has sustenance for him, then heal him; And if not, take him into your custody first.’

Mehdi’s family war of Gazipur lasted for 3 years. 8 lakhs spent so far. The family’s only asset is the sale of 10 khata land, he is undergoing treatment.

Eamon Mia has been in the Cancer Research Institute Hospital for a year. It has become home for the family. Treatment is going on with the help of people.

Such is the story of most families affected by cancer. Many well-to-do families face disaster while running expensive treatments. Not only private, but many cannot even afford the cost of treatment in government hospitals. Some are running out of life savings, some have to sell their homes.

Cancer Day is being celebrated worldwide today through such disasters. According to a recently published report by the World Health Organization, the number of cancer patients in Bangladesh is increasing. This number may double in 2050. The report is based on data from 185 countries and 36 types of cancer.

According to the data of the World Health Organization, 1 lakh 67 thousand people are affected by cancer every year in the country. More than 100,000 are dying. In addition, more than 500 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. More than 300 people are dying. From 2018 to 2022, a total of 3 lakh 46 thousand 337 people were diagnosed with cancer in 5 years. In such a reality, doctors have called for special initiatives of the state including medical insurance.

Director of National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital Professor Nizamul Haque said, many patients come. He cried that there was nothing. There is no land, no house. He is begging. Not only that, her husband left her when he heard that she had cancer.

Nizamul Haque said, if health insurance can be done, patients can be supported.

According to the report of the World Health Organization, the number of people suffering from esophagus, lip, oral cavity and lung cancer is highest in Bangladesh.

According to the report, the number of new cancer patients in the world will reach 3.5 million in 2050, which is about 77 percent more than the number in 2022. About 1 in 5 people in the world is affected by cancer. Of these, one in 9 men and one in 12 women die from the disease.

The report was prepared by the World Health Organization based on a study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Research has identified tobacco, alcohol, obesity and air pollution as the main causes of the increase in cancer patients worldwide.

According to the report of the health organization, in 2022, 9.7 million people died of cancer worldwide. Among them, 18 lakh people died of lung cancer, 9 lakh of colorectal cancer, 7 lakh 60 thousand of liver cancer, 6 lakh 70 thousand of breast cancer and 6 lakh 60 thousand people died of stomach cancer.

According to the report, most people are affected by lung cancer. 2.5 million people have been affected by it. Apart from this, 23 lakh breast cancer, 19 lakh colorectal cancer, 15 lakh prostate, and 9 lakh 70 thousand people are affected by stomach cancer. The rest were diagnosed with other cancers.


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