Home News Microfood, the food of the future that will soon arrive in Madrid

Microfood, the food of the future that will soon arrive in Madrid

Microfood, the food of the future that will soon arrive in Madrid

Talent Bridges is the Madrid City Council program that connects the Spanish capital with the ten best entrepreneurship plans in Latin America. David Chaupis, from Peruis one of these ten participants selected from more than 350 applications for this third edition. With his Microfood product, he will be in the capital for two months to study the Spanish market, as well as make contacts or associations that will allow his young company to grow.

David is convinced of the opportunities his project has. It consists of the development of “superfoods in capsules or spheres.” In other words, it is about transforming the way we provide the most essential nutrients to maintain a good diet. As if that were not enough, “he also seeks solve the problem of lack of time to cook which is increasingly spreading in the most developed societies. “This problem has led to unhealthy habits and giving up certain nutrients or vitamins.”

David, Peruvian entrepreneur who promotes microofood, nutrients in capsules.  David Jar
David, Peruvian entrepreneur who promotes microofood, nutrients in capsules. David JarDavid JarPhotographers

However, David does not hide that superfoods are also found in natural products such as potatoes, although they require treatments or preparations that produce odors or flavors that end up being rejected by conventional gastronomy. Furthermore, from Microfood he assures that It has never been intended to replace the usual kitchenbut implement it as nutritional supplementation.

Among the advantages of Microfood, its healthy nature as well as its adaptability to all types of consumers stand out. «In fact, this product improves the absorption of nutrients by protecting the gastric tissue and preventing diseases such as gastritis that can end up leading to tumors,” adds David. And since they are compact capsules, they can be integrated into liquids or other foods to facilitate the chewing of certain groups such as children or the elderly who end up giving up certain foods due to the difficulty of ingesting them.

After less than two weeks in the capital, David is clear about the best way to integrate Microfood into Madrid’s wide food offering. Since last year, Madrid has had several bubble tea establishments – a product widely installed in other cultures such as the British. It is a cold drink that includes some bubbles, that although until now they only contain flavorings, nutrients could be integrated into them with the help of Microfood.

During this stay David is confirming the wide possibilities of the Madrid market: «It is a market that opens doors and who is willing to learn new concepts. In addition, its citizens are very aware of healthy eating. However, the high health requirements for food marketing in Europe increase production costs and lengthen lead times.

From this company they want to go further and imagine an infinite horizon of applications, even in medicine. “Over time you could experiment with certain drugs that could be better absorbed with this technology, just like certain nutrients,” he explains. Among its future challenges is research with iron or calcium to combine them with its superfoods.

Until May, these dozen entrepreneurs participate in the program’s activities, while they connect in the afternoons with the local team of their companies. The objective of Puentes de Talento, which is now in its third edition, is to promote their entrepreneurial ideas and offer them the opportunity to integrate into the Madrid business fabric.

Although at first it may sound like astronaut food, many claim that it could be the food of the future due to its numerous advantages, in addition to being sustainable, economical and compatible with conventional agriculture and livestock. It would also improve the flavor of certain products or nutrients, to make them more accessible and consumable. Now, at Microfood they are focused on developing their healthy confectioneriesas well as finding sources of financing or investors with international projection.