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Meta ban on several other content including suicide

by Afonso
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Meta has taken the initiative to hide several contents of Facebook and Instagram for the protection of teenagers. In a recent announcement, the technology giant Meta has given this information.

The news agency Reuters quoted Meta as saying, Meta has made this decision in view of the pressure from the regulatory bodies of different countries around the world. In a blog post, Meta said that in addition to the app, additional search-related terms will also be reduced on Instagram. This will keep teen users away from content that promotes suicide, self-harm to eating disorders. Meta said that these controls will be imposed on the use of Instagram’s search and explore feature.

Meta’s statement said that these new initiatives will be implemented very soon. It is expected that these restrictions will come into effect from next week. This will further improve the age-based practical experience on the platforms.

Earlier in October last year, the attorney generals of 33 US states filed a case against Meta. In the charge sheet of the case, they said, the company misled the users about the loss of the platform.

In addition, the European Commission has also asked Meta to know what steps it has taken to protect European children and adolescents from illegal and harmful content.

Due to the continuous pressure from different countries of the world, META was forced to change the policy.


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