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Messi’s ‘Boating Goal’ was seen in England

by Afonso
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How many people remember Chris Wood for his football skills!

His style of play is better suited to lower Premier League club football. Will keep getting into the box, crosses will come and he will head or take the opportunity and take a shot from the spot. Will stick to the opposition defender, drop a long pass to a fellow winger. This is it! The New Zealand striker is suited to playing long crosses.

It was Chris Wood who gave birth to a ‘Messi-moment’ in the Premier League today. Wood scored a hat-trick as Nottingham Forest won 3-1 against Newcastle today. Nottingham’s three goals at the same time in Newcastle Wood! The second goal is a copy of Messi’s goal!

Remember Messi’s goal in the 2015 Champions League semi-final when he chipped the goalkeeper in a Barcelona jersey and chipped Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng to the ground? That goal is on the foot of a right-footed player – imagine Chris Wood’s goal like that.

Entered the box from the left side, inside-outside and made ‘Boateng’ the player sticking to the body, then chipped the goalkeeper’s side and scored!


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