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Messi scored in front of Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia, got two in Hong Kong

by Afonso
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Lionel Messi has a way of making peace with Inter Miami on a pre-season tour of Asia. Messi’s Miami lost 4-3 to Neymar’s Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia, then were completely crushed against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nasr. Ronaldo did not play due to injury, Messi only played the last 7 minutes that day, but before that, Al Nasr put the ball into Inter Miami’s net 6 times!

Messi and his team went to Hong Kong with bitter memories of conceding half a dozen goals. Just how crazy the people of Hong Kong were to see Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Albader, it was proved when the stadium of 45,000 spectators was filled to the brim to watch Messi practice!

But what happened next? Today, Inter Miami played a warm-up match with the Hong Kong League’s qualifying eleven, winning the match 4-1. But Inter Miami coach Gerardo Martino did not put Messi on the field even for a minute. The reason? Messi is dealing with injury.

It may be, but the spectators who bought tickets for the match will understand why! Ticket prices for matches start from $125 – about 14,000 taka in Bangladeshi currency! That’s why Messi, who scored goals after goals in Saudi Arabia, came to Hong Kong and was ‘received’ – he heard the audience’s cries!

In addition to Messi, the audience also praised the owner of Inter Miami and former English midfielder David Beckham. Along with Messi, Suarez also did not enter the field. After the break, the crowd chanted ‘We want to see Messi’ throughout the second half, and as the final whistle blew, the demand turned into a roar.

Then at the end of the match, when Beckham was thanking the audience for their ‘fantastic support’, he was also blown away by the gallery! It was seen on camera, many of the audience expressed their displeasure by lowering their thumbs. After it was confirmed that Messi would not be coming down, there were also demands from the gallery to refund the ticket money.

It’s not just the audience that’s disappointed. The Hong Kong government also wrote in a statement, “Like the fans, the Hong Kong government is also extremely disappointed with the management of the organizers because Messi did not play in today’s match.” Football fans owe a proper explanation from the organizers.’

Inter Miami coach Martino said after the match, Messi played 7 minutes in the match against Al Nasr due to an injury in the match against Al Hilal, but the club’s doctors forbade Messi from taking him down today. There was a risk of making Messi’s injury worse. ‘If there was an opportunity to take him down for a little while, we would have done that. But it would have taken too big a risk’ – explains Martino.


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