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Messi has not won any major titles, how can he be the best?

by Afonso
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Lionel Messi has been named FIFA’s Player of the Year for the eighth time. But when his name was announced as FIFA’s best player of the year in London yesterday, there was probably no more debate than Messi’s best player of the year award.

There is also reason for controversy. After winning the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, Messi won the FIFA Player of the Year once. And while there are many shining moments in the jerseys of PSG and Inter Miami, Messi does not have any major titles.

German legend Lothar Matthäus questioned Messi’s FIFA best year award by pointing out this aspect.

After the awards in London yesterday, it was revealed that both Messi and Holland had the same 48 points, but Messi won the award as he came out as ‘first choice’ in the national team captains’ vote.

Win anyway, the fact that Messi won is questionable. German legend Lothar Matthäus asked the same question on Sky Deutschland, ‘He can’t be the winner this year. In my eyes he is the best footballer of the last 20 years, but (in 2023) he played in Paris and Miami. There (in Miami) he caused a lot of frenzy, but he didn’t win any major titles.’

When it comes to major titles, Manchester City’s Arling Holland leads the pack. In addition to the English Premier League and FA Cup last season, Man City also won the Champions League for the first time in their history and made a history of winning the ‘trimukout’. Holland scored goal after goal on that way.

In the eyes of Mathews, Holland was the worthy claimant of the year award, ‘If you look at the big success, no other team will look at Manchester City. And the best player – Arling Holland. He won all the major trophies for Man City, scoring goal after goal. That should be considered in the selection of the best player, the best player is Holland.


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